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Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Rental Price :
2 weeks : Rp.100.000
1 month : Rp. 180.000

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity JumperDetail Produk
Description :
Babies love bouncing. Not only is it exciting for a baby to move himself with the power of his own legs, but it gives him satisfying, and vital, exercise that helps prepare him for standing and walking. The higher and harder that baby bounces in the Activity Jumper, the more the toys will rattle and shake -- making it even more exciting and fun. And with the added benefit of a rotating seat, which baby operates by pushing off the ground with his feet, your infant gets even more leg coordination practice in a safe, secure place. We especially enjoy the versatility of this 2-for-1 toy -- and it's safer than an infant walker.

Other perks for parents: the fabric seat cover is a cinch to remove, and it's machine washable. And unlike some other bouncers, the Activity Jumper folds down flat for much easier storage. While it's erected, however, it takes up a bit of room. And because your baby won't be able to use this toy once he's able to stand and walk unassisted, it has a limited-use timeframe.

Maximum Berat anak: 12 Kg
Maximum Tinggi Anak: 81 cm
Recommended Age Range : 6 months & Up

Harga: Rp.180.000

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Jumper

Rental Price :
2 weeks : Rp.105.000
1 month : Rp. 185.000
Bright Starts Pretty in Pink JumperDetail Produk
Description :

Babies will jump with joy for the Pretty In Pink™ Jumper. Unique platform provides a stable place for baby to play. The jumper grows with baby and the seat spins 360 degrees for access to all activities. Music station with piano and silly sounds reward baby's jumping.

Features 9 activities:

Light up music station with 3 play modes: melodies, piano and silly sounds
Bead chaser and mirror station
Flower toy with crinkle fabric flower
Flower toy with mirror
Spinning bee
Spinning flower stalk
Toy loops for attaching more toys
Easy to clean snack tray
6 FunLinks™
Additional Features:

5 adjustable height settings
Jumper lays flat for storage
Machine washable seat pad

Weight/Height: Up to 30" tall
Age: 4 Months & Up

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Jumper

Harga: Rp.185.000