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ELC Wooden Art Easel Centre Blue

Rental Price :

1 day : Rp. 100.000
2 weeks : Rp. 120.000
1 month : Rp. 200.000
Berat : 0
Detail Produk:
Description :

- Durable, sturdy double-sided blue wooden easel
- Chalkboard and magnetic whiteboard
- Handy tray for art materials

Sturdy double-sided blue wooden easel with wipe-clean chalk-board and white-board, and handy tray for materials.

With a chalkboard on one side and a wipe-clean magnetic whiteboard on the other, this double-sided blue Wooden Easel is ideal for your child's creative activities.

Your child can use the chalkboard to scribble and draw pictures, then wipe them away easily and start again.

Using special whiteboard pens, your child can draw on the blue wooden easel's whiteboard, or use with paper for painting and drawing.

The whiteboard can also be used with magnetic letters to help with reading and spelling.

With a storage tray to hold all your materials, paper roll for lots of fun art.

Art materials and accessories available separately.

ELC star quality: We love the Wooden Art Easel because it enables your child to enjoy so many different activities.

The pull-down paper roll means it's easy for your child to create whenever they feel like it - and you don't have to clear the table first.

The chalkboard and magnetic white board mean your child can enjoy some non-messy art whenever they like, while the paper roll is perfect for drawing and painting.

This easel is great for two children to use at the same time. The easel looks so good it will last your child for years as they grow, and they'll enjoy themselves as they express how they see the world, and enjoy using colour to make their world more colourful.

White Board Pen, Chalk, Magnets and Paper roll not included (tidak termasuk)

Size: Height 104cm x Width 58cm x Depth 31cm.

Suitable for ages: 2 yrs +

Harga: Rp.200.000

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